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Ahh the joys of owning a business 

Running your own business is stressful enough. Over heads , cash flow , dealing with staff and on top of it all that pesky power bill.

Or maybe one of those slippery door knocking sales men has turned up at your work unannounced. Treating you with a show and promising utter rubbish that has extinguished the very idea of getting solar. 

Maybe you have considered solar before but have put it off due to the initial investment. 

Well now is the time to get back on that solar horse and ride it to savings, terrible I know please keep scrolling it gets better I promise. 
The truth is there has never been a better time to install solar for your business 

Still not convinced you say? We have been helping numerous businesses  realise the potential of solar.

ROI within 3 years 
Tax deductable
Finance Options
We will do the leg work and find out if solar is the right fit for your business 
Complete bill analysis
Custom design to suit your needs
Streamline process
But who are we to make such bold claims how about we back it up with work from our happy clients.


Battery World Enoggera 

(36 kw solar system) 
76 x Jinko 475w N-type panels 
1 x Fronius 27kw Eco Inverter 

Battery World Enoggera 

(39 kw solar system)
96 x Jinko 415w N-type panels 
1 x Solaredge 30kw inverter
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