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Home Solar

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So your thinking about getting solar for your home.....

But every time you look theres another installer offering different equipment and different advice.

You hear there are Jinko panels, dual glass panels and shingle panels.


An Austrian inverter, a micro inverter, an optimiser and what on earth is a hybrid ?

Suddenly what seemed like a straight forward process has become information over load !

We hear you which is why we make the solar process easy!

Local Owner Operator
Honest Opinion, Expert Advice 
Easy Process
7 Years Industry Knowledge

Market leading products, high standards all while dealing with the owner as installer it couldn't be any simpler.

There are no hidden agendas and no sales targets to meet which means you get transparency and clarity. There is no pressure to purchase we just hope to empower our clients with the understanding to make educated decisions that best suits their needs. Organize a consultation with us you have nothing to lose except high power bills!


Chapel Hill 

(10.9kw Solar)

25 x Trina 430w Vertex s+

1 x Solaredge 8.2kw Home Hub Inverter

25 x S440 Optimisers 


(26kw Solar)

72 x Jinko 370w N-type Panels

1 x Fronius Gen24 Symo 10kw

1 x Fronius Symo 10kw

7 x 2.7kwh Byd Hvm Batteries (19.3 kwh)

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